Answers to CSI Questions on NY Lab Tour

1. producer CSI
2. fuming chamber
3. look at bloody clothes and dry them out
4. bring out trace evidence
5. butcher paper and magnifying glasses
6. starts here
7. fake plastic and rustic
8. gas kometograph mass spectrometer
9. 1 million dollars
10. breaks up atoms and finds any kind of chemical or other trace evidence
11. looks very real on camera
12. visited different labs throughout the country
13. stereo microscope
14. see the sets utilozed in dramatic fashion
15. Matt Taylor`s office
16. 51 st street New York City
17. the arches
18. he is in a wheel chair
19. all the science happens here ; complicated DNA analysis
20. slice and chop up pigs
21. verify blood spatter patterns
22. instruments of torture hammers saws et cetera
23. pigs (live)
24. no, it is very low tech. Hands on