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Class exercices 3

A collaboration between

Thomas Cobb,
Linguistique et de didactique des langues, Université du Québec à Montréal

Michael Gallagher,
Centre aux adultes Marie-Mediatrice, CSDM


SitSat de Montréal


Adapting Web content for adult learners

While computer assisted language learning (CALL) has been shown to succeed mainly with problem learners, few Canadian studies to date have detailed any substantial or sustained use of CALL in this context. Our learners are several cohorts of francophone adult learners in the east end of Montreal who have returned to school after some time in the workforce only to run up against a 'wall of English' - a mandatory English examination standing between them and their high school diplomas. Traditional self-paced language learning materials have not been successful with most of these learners. We have developed a Web-based system for multimedia materials development that provides them instead with a rich, varied, yet focused multimedia exposure to real English at the learners’ own pace and interest level. We report on learner situation and needs, several iterations of both system design and materials development, initial results, and the expansion of our approach beyond its institution of origin.